Honors Night, Tuesday July 14th

 Please join us Tuesday July 14, 2015 at 7:30pm for Honors Night at  Bay Area Unitarian Universalist Church (BAUUC), 17503 El Camino Real, 77058 in Cockrell Hall.  The doors open early at 7:00pm for fellowship and snacks/drinks with guests and members.  You can go here to find out more about the Honors program.

The assignment for July is "Landscape".  The photo had to be taken after April 01, 2015.  This is the seventh opportunity of 2015 to compete for Photographer of the Year. 

We also have the 'Open' category for photo submissions and the new Open Category Award.  This category is scored under the same rules as the Assignment category, with the exception of the applicability qualifier.  That will not be used in the Open category scoring matrix.

All photos for submission in either category must be posted on the sign-up sheet no later than 7:20pm.  This is so the Honors Night Director has time to enter them into the computer for a timely start of the meeting.  Your dues must be current for this year in order to submit.

We look forward to all members and visitors joining us for the meeting.

Blary Photo Presentation on Program Night, Tuesday June 23rd

Our Program Night, Tuesday June 23, 2015 will be a slide presentation and discussion by Blary Photo.  It will deal with the unique challenges of photographing a wedding.  More specifically, Gary will speak on how to anticipate events and adjust your settings on the fly.

On the technical side he will go into lighting; utilizing flash and the settings used at wedding receptions.

There will be a question and answer period as well as some open discussion.  Gary will show some have examples of his photography at the meeting.

The meeting starts with refreshments provided by the club and general chit chat at 7:00pm.  The program will start at 7:30pm.  We look forward to all members and visitors attending.  We meet at Bay Area Unitarian Universalist Church (BAUUC), 17503 El Camino Real, 77058

Doug Haass

Honors Night Assignments and Open Entries for 2015

 Bay Area Photo Club

2015 Assignments and Open Entries 

Here is the list of Honors Night assignments for 2015.  As always assignment images must be shot during the 3 months preceding the Honors Night monthly meeting that they are listed for.


January            Architecture

February          Out of Context

March             Winter

April                Environmental Portrait

May                 Performance

June                 Danger

July                  Landscape

August             Americana

September      Retirement

October           Broken

November       Selfie

December       Sports 

Also remember that in 2015 we will be scoring the Open entries as well and awarding a prize at the end of the year.  

As we announced in our meeting in August, we are looking to expand our pool of judges next year.  There are no specific qualifications except that you would need to go through a process of learning the judging criteria and Honors Night protocols.  Following that you will want to sit in on 1 or 2 sessions judging off the record.  Once you are comfortable, you can join the action.  

Let me know if you are interested in judging.  We need the help.




Color Scheme Designer

There was some discussion at our December 5 meeting about the upcoming assignment “complementary colors” for January. Steve Schuenke mentioned a web-based tool called Color Scheme Designer, an interactive color wheel. Below is the link to the web site along with a tutorial on complementary colors where it is used on Phlearn.



BAPC Meetings

Bay Area Photo Club meets the 2nd & 4th Tuesday of every month at the Bay Area Unitarian Universalist Church (BAUUC), 17503 El Camino Real, 77058, in the Cockrell Hall.  Meeting starts with socializing and snacks at 7:00pm.  The program starts at 7:30pm.  Honors Night is always the 2nd Tuesday of the month.  The 4th Tuesday will either be a tutorial or a program.  

Meeting Schedule 2015

July 2015

July 14 Honors Night


August 2015

Aug 11 Honors Night


Aug 25 Program Night

September 2015

Sep 08 Honors Night


Sep 22 Program Night


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BAPC POTY & TOCA 2015 Standings


New Members/Visitors

May 2015

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Photo Events/Contests

Always read the submission guidelines concerning copyright and ownership retention prior to submitting images to any contest.