Field Trip, Saturday October25th to the Texas Renaissance Festival

 A friendly reminder.......... Please let me know if you are going to join us.......

Our next field trip will be on Saturday, October 25, 2014 where we will head to the Texas Renaissance Festival (Renfest) located  in Plantersville, Texas.  All Hallow’s Eve is the theme for the weekend.

You can find all the information you ever wanted to know about Renfest on their website at  including driving directions, all park information, times, ticket costs and FAQ’s. 

The Park opens at 9:00 AM and closes at 8:00 PM and the plans are to meet in front at the main gate before it opens, so it will require an early start.  There are usually some members who would like to share a ride.  Let me know so we can try to team you up with someone.  Once we get the names of who are going we can put out a request for you.

We will split up into small groups or pairs at the festival.  Most members have people they feel comfortable shooting with and spending the day walking to different activities and shows.  It seems to work well that way.  We will decide on that when we meet at the gate.

Tickets are $27.00 at the gate and discount tickets can be purchased online or in advance at Walgreen's.

 I would strongly advise wearing comfortable walking shoes and clothes. I will watch the weather forecast as the month progresses; it could be cool, warm, hot, wet, you know Texas weather.  Needless to say this is a model rich environment with lots of color and action. Most performers and attendees (who tend to dress for the occasion) are more than happy to pose for you.

A few tips for photography (courtesy of Doug Haass):

  • The sun can overwhelm your shot when it's overhead.  Don't force your subject to squint into it because you need light on their face.  Consider moving them into open shade where you can take advantage of the ambient light.  If it's overcast that day, that will not be a problem.
  • Worse case scenario: use your on camera flash to provide fill if you cannot get them out of the sun.  It will help with the dark shadow that will develop from the harsh overhead sun.  Use your flash exposure compensation to adjust the fill so you don't overwhelm the subject.  You just need some fill so their face isn't in shadow.
  • Best case scenario: use off camera flash for fill.  It looks more natural and is easier to control where it's placed.
  • If you are focused on the individual only; get some separation from the background and shoot at wider apertures; such as F2.8 to F5.6.  Don't place them right against a tree or plant, pull them away several feet and use it as a backdrop.
  • Watch for vendor's poles, light poles and such sticking out of their heads.  Reposition them or yourself to remove the distracting elements from the photo.
  • Don't shoot straight on.  Get them to turn to the side some and maybe tilt their head towards the leading shoulder.
  • Don't just focus on people.  There are many colorful objects for sale and on display.  Get in close and capture color combos or color schemes of inanimate objects.
  • Play with different shutter speeds.  Try slowing things down and capture the swirl of the dancers' costumes.  Try panning action sequences, keeping the subject's face in focus, but turning everything around it a blur of motion.
  • Have fun with it and don't be afraid to ask to take someone's photo.  The worst thing to happen is they say no.  I've only had it happen once and lived to talk about it.
  • If you want to shoot small children, ask their parent(s) if it's okay.  Let them know you are on a club field trip. 
  • Get their email so you can send a photo to them.

More specific information will be sent out via BAPC Yahoo Groups when we get a better idea of who is going.  Please email Kelly Myers at  if you plan to attend.  This will allow us to get a list of people to look for at the front gate.  Also, in your email please provide us with your cell phone number in case we need to contact each other while at the park.

We hope to see you there!

Kelly Myers


Field Trip Coordinator

Honors Night Scoring for October

PHOTOGRAPHER TITLE Total Points Award Total Assgnmt
Deep Space 9 Stewart, Will 20 Gold 180
Mothers Hand Myers, Kelly 19 Gold 152
The Mystic Armer, Larry 17 Silver 153
Tools of the trade Patrick, Larry 20 Silver 120
Hand Jive Myers, Kelly 18 Silver 108
Generations Armer, Larry 16 Bronze 112
Pier @ Sunrise Armer, Barry 22.5 Gold  
Golf Cart Armer, Barry 18 Silver  
Amazing Two Headed Zebra Chance, Jane 16 Bronze  
Gray Crowned Cranes (tanzzia) Chance, Jane 16 Bronze  


Honors Night Assignments and Open Entries for 2015

 Bay Area Photo Club

2015 Assignments and Open Entries 

Here is the list of Honors Night assignments for 2015.  As always assignment images must be shot during the 3 months preceding the Honors Night monthly meeting that they are listed for.


January            Architecture

February          Out of Context

March             Winter

April                Environmental Portrait

May                 Performance

June                 Danger

July                  Landscape

August             Americana

September      Retirement

October           Broken

November       Selfie

December       Sports 

Also remember that in 2015 we will be scoring the Open entries as well and awarding a prize at the end of the year.  

As we announced in our meeting in August, we are looking to expand our pool of judges next year.  There are no specific qualifications except that you would need to go through a process of learning the judging criteria and Honors Night protocols.  Following that you will want to sit in on 1 or 2 sessions judging off the record.  Once you are comfortable, you can join the action.  

Let me know if you are interested in judging.  We need the help.




September Honors Night Results

Stewart, Al Black Waterbird 20 Gold  
Schuenke, Steve Oak Alley 19.5 Silver  
Schuenke, Steve A Walk on the Beach 18 Silver  
PHOTOGRAPHER TITLE Total Points Award Total Assgnmt
Patrick, Larry Houston Wild Life! 23 Gold 184
Stewart, Will Two of a kind 21 Gold 168
Stewart, Al Owl 20 Gold 160
Luna, Bruce Slicked Up and Ready To Go 17 Silver 119
Soriano, Edwin The Congregation 18 Silver 108
Stewart, Will Overlook 17 Silver 102
Chance, Jane Cheetah In The Straw 17 Silver 102
Clayton, John Elephant Swimming 15 Bronze 105
Armer, Larry Jake & Tom 16 Bronze 96
Clayton, John Rhino Drinking 14 Bronze 84
Soriano, Edwin Rendezvous 14 Bronze 84
Armer, Larry Velvet Crown 14 Bronze 84
Luna, Bruce Rocky Mountain Grouse 13 Bronze 78


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