Color Scheme Designer

There was some discussion at our December 5 meeting about the upcoming assignment “complementary colors” for January. Steve Schuenke mentioned a web-based tool called Color Scheme Designer, an interactive color wheel. Below is the link to the web site along with a tutorial on complementary colors where it is used on Phlearn.

How well do you see color?

Take this fun online X-Rite color challenge to test your color acuity.  I'll tell you now that I scored a 14; a lower number being better.  It does take a few minutes to complete the challenge, but I think you will find it interesting.  Shoot me an email with a screenshot of your results and I'll post a small spreadsheet of all our results when I've collected enough of them.  I'll leave out any personal data or names, only collecting the results from x number of people.  

Doug Haass

Hauntingly Beautiful Photos

Andre Gavin is a London based photographer.  He captures hauntingly beautiful photos of old abandoned buildings, found as they were left, in unnamed locations.  My first thoughts went to some of our own Barry Armer's photos; similar to his style.  The photos tell a story all their own, without any description, though there are captions with them.

The link to them is located here.  Enjoy.

Doug Haass

Adobe Lightroom 4 Processing

If you are looking to boost or spice up your landscape photos using some new techniques, take a look at this you tube video by Serge Ramelli.  I know several members have tried this process on some of their older photos and were pleasantly surprised by the results.  It will not  take a badly composed or exposed photo and make it good.  It will take a fairly well-exposed composition and possibly take it to another level.  You'll just have to try it yourself. 

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Bay Area Photo Club meets the 1st & 3rd Thursday of every month at the Butler Longhorn Museum in League City.  Honors Night is always the 1st Thursday of the month.  The 3rd Thursday will either be a tutorial or a program.  Go to the link above for directions.

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