Communication Policy

The BAPC will use a mailing list service (Yahoo group list server at the time of this writing) to enable communications between the club members and from the club officers to the members.

New Members will be asked for an email address and explained the process of the mailing list and that their email address will only be used for communications within the club.

Yahoo groups allows individuals to:
- Include or hide their real name
- request individual emails or a daily digest

Posting procedures:

  • Members will have unmoderated email posting privileges.
  • Visitors and other non-Members will have moderated email posting privileges.
  • Members or Visitors who abuse (Moderator's sole decision based on seeing inappropriate posts - e.g. profanity, disrespect) posting privileges will have their posting privileges revoked.

Posting conventions:

  • Posts should be positive and related to photography or the club.
  • Limit postings to informational messages that will be of interest to the entire club (no posts of things like "I like it!", "Good job", "When is the meeting?", "What is the next assignment").